Heritage Maps installed in Railway Stations

I was commissioned by the Severnside Communiy Rail Partnership C.I.C to lead a project which involved different community groups from Bath, Oldfield Park and Kensham to create artwork to feature in a Heritage Map. Go to the Workshops section to read more about the groups who made the artwork which contributed to this piece of work.

The brief was to create a piece which had a trail aspect to it, so children and families can look, read, learn and follow the clues to all three sections of map.

The resulting map is featured at each of the local railway stations.

Bath Poster

2015 Bth PanelSection at Bath Spa Station

Oldfield Park poster

2014 OLF fullSection at Oldfield Park Station

Keynsham Poster

2014 Kyn Board 2

Section at Keynsham Station.