Heritage Maps with communities in Bath, Oldfield Park and Keynsham. 2015

In 2014  I was commissioned by the Severnside Community Rail Partnership C.I.C to design a project to create artwork with local community groups from the areas around Bath, Oldfield Park and Keynsham.  Their works would feature in a History Map at the local railway stations.

With the assistance of a Mosaic Artist Tanja Helmhold, Storyteller Michael Loader and myself, we delivered a series of workshops to bring out people’s creative talents. The groups who took part were Action Against Hearing Loss, Teenage Rampage, Time Out youth project, Bath Area Play Project, Time 2 Share and First Steps Day Nursery. Everyone who took part had a piece of work which featured in the History Map.

2014 toddlers 3

2014 toddlers 4Toddlers and Parents from First Steps Day Nursery working with Xeena

2014 YP 1

2014 YP 2Young People fromTime Out working with Xeena

2014 TH 3Tanja Helmhold working with Action Against Hearing Loss

2014 ML 1

2014 ML 2Michael Loader working with Teenage Rampage.

As a final hurrah to unveil the Artwork we took the groups out for a trip on the trains for everyone to have a chance to see their work installed in the Railway stations. There was a lovely lunch to bring all those who had assisted in the project together. Including the local historians and groups who had kindly given their historical content and memories to make the History Map.

2014 Teenage Rampage

2014 Bath 4

2014 Lunch 1         2014 OLF 6

2014 OLF 4        2014 Keynsham History group 2

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