Trip to Sri Lanka travel journal


2016 SL ColomboWoman writing in an excercise book sat in a doorway. Colombo.

2016 SL TurpA huge and gloriously beautiful tree, by the bus station in Colombo. I was told it may be the Turpentine tree Syncarpia glomulifera.

2016 SL TreeDetails of different kinds of epiphytes growing in the forest.

2016 SL Green VineBeutiful green vine snake Ahaetulla nasuta found in the Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve

2016 SL Forest PoolQuick sketch of a river flowing under a huge boulder and rocks forming a small pool. A story accompanies this place. “A princess went to bathe here and emerged a beautiful woman after having bathed in the pool.”

2016 SL MonksMonks bathing in he river. Waving and laughing at us as we pass over the bridge looking down.

20016 SL FishRoad side Fish monger. Weilding a hugely sharp scimitar. Always cuts off the lips first, then the fins, then the innards. Swiftly and elegantly done. His chopping board is a huge  piece of dark hardwood, no doubt from the forests behind him.

2016 SL MalawagamaScene from our window in Kithulgala. looking out upon the Matugama rainforest and the The Kelani River (Sinhalese: කැළණි ගඟ) which flows all the way to Colombo. Kithulgala had many dramatic thunderstorms in the evenings, we would see the clouds gather, the lightning and thunder would follow.

2016 SL The FerrymanOur Ferryman who would take us and all the many people neding to cross the river all day long. His oar you can see was crafted by his very hand, it was also crafted from a dark hardwood from the forest. A wonderful job, to be out on the water in such a beautiful place, yet still a strenuous and hard job in the heat and humidity.

2016 SL HattonA day out in Hatton, waiting to catch our first train ride.

2016 SL MatchboxA charming little lion on the back of a match box.