Shared Spaces – Arts and Diologue Festival with Salam Shalom 2016

I was approached by Salam Shalom to show the work people made in Calais.

2016 SalShom1

The festival was a city wide with artists and speakers coming from all over the country and even some from abroad.

2016 SalShom2

The Exhibition in the Bristol Central Library focuses on the history of migration in the city of Bristol for both the Jewish and the Muslim communities.

2016 SalShom4

The curator asked for the work people made in The Calais Jungle to be a part of the exhibition.

I was pleased ot have kept my word with the folks in Calais I said I would show their work to people once I got home.

2016 SalShom5Thanks to those who left some really meaningful comments.

transcribed from above “Excellent exhibition, powerful images, I especially ‘enjoyed’reading the letters from jewish refugees and looking through the box supplied by Xeena – to hold in my hand the images drawn by refugees is very powerful.”

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