Community Games at the Picnic in the Park.

2013 Games5

The peopel of St Werburghs have come to love and cherish the Picnic in the Park!

We created a free community games event, with prizes!

T’was fun and games for everyone big and small, we had a wonderful day! Ah the weather did treat us well.

2013 Games2

2013 Games3

2013 Games

2013 Games7

2013 Games1

2013 Games6




Arts Class for individuals with mental health needs.

This was a deeply rewarding project to deliver as all the participants were so grateful to be there and always mentioned how safe they felt to be in the arts class, it was a privilege to run the sessions for free.

The project was funded by Comic Releif and co-ordinated by WECIL.

2013 AClass8

The class was full of people with varying skills and abilities. So it was a challenge to meet the needs of everyone.

By the second week people were opening up, making friends and sharing stories.

2013 AClass7

I was really touched to be a part of the project and to help people develop on their creative journey.

2013 AClass10

2013 AClass3

2013 AClass4

 It was really inspirational to see people making the most of every class, pushing themselves and exploring new materials.

2013 AClass2

One of our aims was to create a final piece to exhibit in a show which brought all the classes together as well as the wider public to see the work.

2013 AExhib1

2013 AExhib2  We had three people from the classes to help hang the exhibition

2013 AExhib9

2013 AExhib5

The exhibition was a  real success. Everyone’s work looked brilliant and I think everyone took great pride in seeing their work on the wall. Other local Artists attended the preview night along with staff and representative from the charities who supported the project.

2013 AExhib8

2013 AExhib7

2013 AExhib6

2013 AExhib3

2013 AExhib4

2013 AExhib10

The exhibition was up for a week and those who took part helped to invigilate the show. This meant speaking to members of the public and visitors about the project and the work.

For some of our participants this would have been a real challenge, but after the positivity of the project they found the courage to engage with people visiting the show.



Caribbean Cafe & Cookbook to celebrate 50th year of Jamaican Independence

2012 SWAT3

Caribbean Cafe at the St Werburghs Arts Trail 2012. I worked beside the Bristol West Indian Parents and Friends Association to collect memories and stories which I then illustrated and edited  to create the Caribbean Cafe Cook Book.

The elders then ran the Caribbean Cafe in the Community Centre serving the food featured in the book.

It was a great project and I got to meet the most wonderful people, I was lucky to hear their stories an memories of back home.

It was amazing to hear the every day stories of people who have been championing in our city for equality for so long.

And refreshing to  know they still are!

It was the same year as the 50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence.

 2012 cookbook1

2012 cookbook2


2012 SWAT1


2012 SWAT2